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Accounts, Passwords, and Security

You will get a password and an account that will be provided after completing the registration process. You will be responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your account. You agree to notify Supernova directly of any use that is done against your will.

Digipack Packaging

Digipack offers several types of packaging and design assistance. The products we sell are bag standing pouch packaging, three side seals, central seals, and roll. After placing an order the customer will be sent a product that has been purchased. Furthermore, consumers agree to:

1. Get the type of packaging ordered with a thickness tolerance of 5 microns.

2. Get a refund if you receive a package amount less than the amount ordered.

3. Using packaging as appropriate and if there is a lawsuit or problem, release Digipack from all types of responsibilities that arise.

Rules of Use

Consumers agree to use the website and also Supernova services only to make purchases, uploads, and use appropriate materials. Furthermore, consumers agree not to do things:

1. Uploading and/or printing files that do not have copyright or other party's rights.

2. Uploading and/or printing files containing viruses or software that can damage the operation of Supernova.

3. Uploading and/or printing files containing viruses or software that can damage the operation of Supernova.


The risk of loss and damage to orders placed by consumers is the responsibility of the product sender.

Termination of Service

Supernova has the right to suspend temporarily or permanently if Supernova believes in violations committed by consumers. In the case of termination of service, Supernova has the right to delete all data that may be uploaded by consumers on our website. Consumers are obliged to pay the cost of violating royalties from products that consumers order that turns out to contain copyright material.

Troubled Product Returns

Products made with Supernova are customized products. Product returns cannot be accepted except for damage, non-compliance, from our side. Please contact for any product replacement issues. Our team will look into the matter further and will make product replacements if needed.


Digipack respects privacy and we also appreciate your trust in us. This privacy policy explains how we use, share, and protect the personal information we collect. To run the service, Digipack will gather some information. One of them is user identification information. Examples include but are not limited to name, age, gender, telephone number, e-mail, and others.

When consumers access the website, we will automatically collect some information such as what web browser to use and also the IP address. When consumers register, Digipack will also collect data rather than forms that consumers enter, including the types of businesses we might be able to request.

Digipack also uses cookies to remember sessions that consumers have on our website. Examples of its use are when consumers store products in a basket or when a consumer clicks on an ad. We will use all the data we store to continue to improve the services of Digipack. All data that Supernova collects is anonymous information.

In accordance with the type of website Digipack, Digipack will store all designs and also files along with customizations that may be provided by consumers to improve services than Digipack to consumers. All data stored in Digipack will be used to improve services to consumers. Digipack will also collect data from transactions that occur including but not limited to the number of transactions and prices on these transactions.

Digipack will not share information from consumers to third parties without the consent of the consumer. All information submitted to third parties aims to improve services to consumers.

Digipack might do an open review of the products in Digipack. All information that will later enter the public space is therefore recommended for consumers to pay attention to what is given.

You can update your personal information such as name, e-mail address, and password. You can make this change on the ‘ My Account ’ page.

You can also change this personal information by contacting our customer service at


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